Minerals & Metals

Minerals and Metals are the mainstay of modern industrial development and its demand is increasing steeply over the years.

Mineral Processing

Aurinko PMC’s experts have extensive experience in design and construction of various Mineral processing plants worldwide. Impressive performance in designing and building minerals processing plants have been earned through years of exposure to complex green field and brown field mineral processing projects on EPC basis.

We have the capability and expertise to execute and manage large, complex projects for mining and metals clients. In challenging and remote locations around the world, clients trust Aurinko PMC deliver capital efficiency and project certainty.

Aurinko PMC is offering comprehensive services for various minerals and metal projects including Iron ore, steel, Alumina, Copper, Cobalt, Zinc, Gold, Diamond, Nickel, Tin etc.

Bulk Material Handling

Bulk material handling systems are inevitable to any mining and mineral processing industry to transport raw materials and products within the plant and outside plant premises.

We are experts in bulk material handling systems including long distance belt conveyors, pipe conveyors, mobile equipment, crushing and screening, stockyard equipment, loading and unloading systems, storage and packing systems etc.,

Aurinko PMC has partnered with leading material handling design experts globally and offers EPC solutions for complex conveying system requirements including long distance conveying system for complex terrain and routing.

Aurinko PMC provides comprehensive solutions for Bulk material handling systems for various types of industries and markets.

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Minerals & Metals

Aurinko PMC has vast experience in design and construction of various Mineral processing plants worldwide. Impressive experience in minerals


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