Water & Sewage

Water is essential for life. However, today one of our main challenges is to address the increasing water issues due to urbanization, and reduce flooding due to climate change.

We offer our services within all aspects of water management projects including waste-water treatment, Desalination and Sewage treatment.

We advise our customers on environmentally sound and financially optimal water management solutions for utilities, cities, transportation networks and industries.

In partnership with our customers, we deliver innovative solutions that create value for people and communities worldwide.

Aurinko PMC provides Comprehensive services in Waste-Water treatment, Desalination and Sewage treatment plant projects.

Ports & Terminals

Transportation and logistics is essential for industrialisation and growth of businesses. Transport through sea and waterways is one of the most preferred transportation worldwide. Ports & Terminals are important logistic centres built to transport goods inland and global destinations.

Aurinko PMC provides Comprehensive solution for Port material handling systems including Ship unloading system, Ship loading system, Stockyard equipment, transport belt conveyors, Wagon loading and unloading systems, truck loading and un loading systems, bagging systems, utilities etc.,

Buildings and Storage

We provide comprehensive services for design and construction of buildings and storage systems on EPCM and EPC basis to various industries.

Related Markets


Cement is an important element for the construction industry which is required for development of industries and infrastructure to build the nation and its economy.

Minerals & Metals

Aurinko PMC has vast experience in design and construction of various Mineral processing plants worldwide. Impressive experience in minerals


Water & Sewage Water is essential for life. However, today one of our main challenges is to address the increasing water issues due to urbanization


Our extensive experience in design and execution of ancillary systems for industrial power sector shall complement 

Chemical and allied industries

Auriko PMC has demonstrated successful execution of various projects in chemical and allied industries.