Markets We Serve

Aurinko PMC’s business operations range from Cement & Mineral processing value chain to diversified areas of Infrastructure, Power, Chemical and allied process industries.

Aurinko PMC provides comprehensive EPC and PMC solutions to wide markets such as Cement, Minerals and Metals, Infrastructure, Power Chemical & allied Process industries.

We deliver solutions to integrated industrial plant systems. Extensive know-how and a full set of engineering and management skills are the prerequisites. The results are an optimized production where efficiency meets sustainability.

Aurinko PMC offers technical expertise and proven performance based on long experience. 

We manage projects from the early study phases through detailed design and construction phases to fully verified production plants.

Our services range from acting as specialists on technical, environmental and safety matters to full responsibility for plant design, procurement and construction management.

We provide services within engineering, Procurement and construction to various markets which includes process design, plant and detail engineering, cost estimation, purchasing, quality control, expediting, logistics, construction management, commissioning and overall program management.

Related Markets


Cement is an important element for the construction industry which is required for development of industries and infrastructure to build the nation and its economy.

Minerals & Metals

Aurinko PMC has vast experience in design and construction of various Mineral processing plants worldwide. Impressive experience in minerals


Water & Sewage Water is essential for life. However, today one of our main challenges is to address the increasing water issues due to urbanization


Our extensive experience in design and execution of ancillary systems for industrial power sector shall complement 

Chemical and allied industries

Auriko PMC has demonstrated successful execution of various projects in chemical and allied industries.

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